S A Y   W H A T   Y O U   M E A N,   A N D  M E A N   W H A T   Y O U   S A Y !

Hi, I am Rev. Mark Ehrlichmann. Thank you for visiting.  I am running for Maryland House of Delegates, District 41 (click to see map), Baltimore City. 

Endorsed by Maryland Right To Life

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           FOR HONOR,

           FOR INTEGRITY! 

One important quote from the book        On Two Wings: Humble Faith and Common-sense at the American Founding by Michael Novak, attributed to Jonathan Mayhew, a highly admired Unitarian preacher from New England in 1766:

"Power is of a grasping, encroaching nature, in all beings except in Him, to Whom emphatically it "belongeth"; and Who is the only King that, in a religious or moral sense, "can do no wrong."  Power aims at extending itself, and operating according to mere will, wherever it meets with no balance, check, control, or opposition of any kind."

Raises an important point in the need for Balance, Honor, Integrity in perspective to do what is right for the people: to rely on their own ability and self-determination.

Real work begins now for bringing your voice of Common-sense and Real Progress to District 41.

I need you to do 3 things:

1.     Donate – We can win this campaign if we have the funds necessary to get our message out.  I need your help to raise money.  If you can pitch in, we can win this race, but without you, we will have 4 more years of status quo, job destroying, tax increasing policies. WE can’t afford it. Please donate today.

2.     Volunteer – We are going to be making calls, going door to door, and spreading the message. I need your help to get my message out.  A personal touch is much more effective than a TV or radio ad, so I need your help to make calls.  I need you to help me because I can’t talk to everyone.  Please sign up to volunteer on our website.

3.     Spread the Word – The most effective way to get votes for me, is to tell your friends, family, and anyone in your circle of influence why you are voting for me. The people in your circle of influence will believe what you say far more than what they see on television or in their mailboxes.

Voters are tired of the ineffective status quo government, high taxes, and job destroying policies.  We can bring REAL PROGRESS TO MARYLAND, but only if you help.

Pressing on to victory,



This is my dream: To restore honor and integrity to government so that it actually works as a government for the people, of the people, and by the people.   

Work to improve our district, and build a stronger Baltimore City and a stronger Maryland.

Real Progress towards Living the American Dream. 

To recognize the potential in each person and to work together to achieve greater accomplishments for our community. 

To make possible real opportunities to achieve our potential, to get a job, buy a home, to live the American Dream.

We in Maryland's District 41 have very real issues as we begin this new decade.  Many of our neighbors, right here in Baltimore City, have lost their jobs or have not been able to get a job.  Businesses are struggling or closing because of the over-taxed economy.  Public Safety is always a top priority.  These are real problems that Maryland legislators have a responsibility to address.

Your VOTE for me will bring your voice of common-sense to the legislature in addressing and resolving the issues that we are facing and have REAL PROGRESS with the honor and integrity you deserve.

Prepared by                                                        Citizens for Mark Ehrlichmann                             PO Box 4882                                                        Baltimore, MD 21211

Anne Ehrlichmann, Treasurer 410-542-1510

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